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We offer all the comprehensive prescription services of a big box retail pharmacy without all the troublesome issues that lead to frustration and long waits.

  • Free delivery within a 5-mile radius
  • Convenient drive-thru for ease in picking up and dropping off prescriptions
  • Easy prescription transfers. We do all the work for you! Call us at 859-744-6844
  • We offer yearly flu shots and an array of immunizations. Call our pharmacist for information.
  • Receive our every day preferred price without the need to join a club or sign up for a loyalty card
  • We can order and maintain an adequate inventory for your specialty drug needs
  • Proactively pursue prior authorizations so you will receive your medication as quickly as possible
  • We can synchronize refills to minimize multiple trips to the pharmacy
  • We provide patient-centered care through cognitive services such as patient counseling and monitoring all aspects of drug therapy

For more detailed information about our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You may give us a call at 859-744-6844 or send a message to